The Jungle Book

Forget about your worries and you strife with this new adaption of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel, The Jungle Book. Director Jon Favreau’s use of modern animation is truly mesmerizing as he builds this story and world around young Mowgli (Neel Sethi).

At times, it’s hard to believe the world laid out before you is, in fact, the product of computers. The beautiful scenery shows the diversity of the jungle and creates homes for the multitude of animals residing there. The amount of detail put into each individual tree and animal works toward building a decidedly realistic world.

Along his journey, Mowgli finds help in the form of Bagheera (Ben Kingsley), a by the rules, regal, black panther, and Baloo (Bill Murray), a big, lovable, lazy to a fault, bear. While Bagheera stands firm with the law of the jungle, Baloo mixes things up. While the panther seeks to instill in Mowgli the importance of knowing the rules and following them, our bear does this a little different. While singing about “The Bare Necessities” Baloo goes about his life aiming to do the least amount of work possible amount of work to achieve his desired outcome.

No story is complete without its villain. Idris Elba gives voice to Shere Khan, the tiger with a taste for man-cub. While attempting to avoid Shere Khan, Mowgli comes across none other than King Louie who, voiced by Christopher Walken, treats us to a new rendition of the classic song “I Wan’na Be Like You”.

While still following the story of the Disney movie many of us loved as children, the 2016 Jungle Book takes on a slightly darker style of adventure that is sure to enthrall you. 


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

The Portokalos family is back, and they’re just as outrageous as ever! Elena Kampouris joins the cast as Paris, the teenage daughter of Toula, Nia Vardalos, and Ian, John Corbett, who is causing waves as she prepares to graduate high school and head off to college. While Toula struggles to deal with her daughter leaving her, a long buried family secret comes to light. Portokalos patriarch, Gus, Michael Constantine, and his wife Maria, Lainie Kazan, aren’t legally married! What what else is there to do, but have another big, fat, Greek wedding?

Bringing back much of the humor from the first movie, along with a couple of new characters and plenty of wise-cracks, this Greek family will have you in stitches all over again. The story is just as quick paced as their lives are and doesn’t leave you time to be bored.

With four generations of the family sharing the screen, we really get to see life come in a full circle. With all the kids around and imitating the quirks of their parents, the teenagers starting to find their own personalities, it leaves time for the parents to reflect. They find themselves questioning – where has the romance gone?

Gus and Maria, and Aunt Voula, show us something that is often forgotten. Love doesn’t grow old. Even Mana-Yaiyai has a few surprises up her sleeve.

A fantastically funny movie that reminds us that love is for everyone, from the young, to the young at heart. 


The tragic tale of two young brothers, separated by the death of their parents and their subsequent adoption. Little brother, Sebastian, played by Mark Strong, is adopted by a wealthy couple from London. Brought up with many opportunities, Sebastian becomes a world class MI6 agent. His older brother Nobby, Sacha Baron Cohen, on the other hand…

While, to begin with, Grimsby looks like a fantastic spy movie, filled with deception, intrigue, and amazing action packed fight scenes that are guaranteed to make your head spin, it’s not long before Sacha Baron Cohen’s influence makes itself known. The transition from serious spy movie to crass Baron Cohen comedy really does leave you with a feeling of whiplash.

At times, it’s hard to know if you want to laugh, cry, or be mortified by some of the situations these brothers find themselves in. Although Grimsby is very much made to look like a spoof spy movie, it is definitely not for the faint of heart. And if you don’t find much comedic value in Baron Cohen’s other exploits, like Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator, you probably won’t find much joy in this.

This particular movie, much like its sandal and sock wearing leading man, is something that many are just going to have to make their own opinion about.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Dragon warrior, Kung Fu fighter, total nerd. Jack Black is once again bringing to life the cuddly, and excitable Po as he and the Furious Five band together to save China from great evil. We rejoin our heroes as Po is tasked with a seemingly impossible challenge, one that anyone can see he surely must be doomed to fail.
With quick paced humour being thrown from every direction, there’s guaranteed to be something to make everyone laugh. As well as some well placed wisdom that some of us are sure to relate to. “We’re pandas. We don’t do stairs.”

But fun times and levity aside, there are some important pieces of wisdom being bestowed upon us by these great Kung Fu masters and their allies. Characters from Po’s past and present learn that sometimes, we do the wrong things for the right reasons. They learn about thinking outside the box to get the job done, about working together, and about self-sacrifice.

We are carried through this tale with soaring melodies and beautiful scenery, as we follow our unlikely hero on his quest to save his friends and family. Directors, Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh, team up with the voice talents of Black, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, J.K. Simmons, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, and David Cross to take us on their third epic adventure through China.

With all the wisdom that is bestowed in this Kung Fu adventure, one piece stands out. Master Shifu gifts us with this particular insight. “If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than you are.”

All of this combines to create a great movie for the whole family to enjoy.