The last installment of this dystopian series opens with one very important question. What’s the point of riding your world of evil if the new powers that be are no better? Were the people of this post apocalyptic Chicago better with the devil they knew?

Even with the factions disassembled, there are still strong rifts between the people. Eventually Tris, Four and the rest of our heroes are driven to abandon their home in the hope of finding help.

After the urban decay that is the main setting of the previous two films, we are treated to a different view; the desolation that lays outside the wall. The planet outside the wall is little more than a nuclear wasteland; giving a different angle to post-apocalyptic earth.

With such highly trained soldiers, as is expected of former members of Dauntless, the symmetry of the fight scenes is pretty spectacular. There’s no brawling with these guys and girls. It’s all well thought out action where every move counts.

In the end, this movie does leave you with a little to think about. It’s scary to see what has happened to what was once our planet and its populace. But whether it’s the repercussions of our actions and the future of our planet or the battle between good and people who think they’re doing right that you want to watch, Allegiant has something for you. 


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