Eddie the Eagle

“The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete.” – Pierre De Coubertin, Founder of the Olympic Committee.

Director Dexter Fletcher brings the heartwarming story of British ski jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards to the big screen.

Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Tom Egerton) has dreamed all his life of competing in the Olympic Games. Time and again, his hopes have been shot down until, one day, he discovers skiing.

Now, even after finding his niche, Eddie still has to face hurdles and ridicule. But with his mum’s support, a somewhat hesitant coach (Hugh Jackman), and a whole lot of determination, Eddie keeps movie forward.

Some of the shots showing the elevation of the jumps these skiers take on are a little gut wrenching for anyone with a fear of heights. Watching people hurdle down theses icy slopes leaves dread in the pit of your stomach, while you start to feel the build up of adrenaline as you ask yourself, “is he going to make it?”

Eddie’s determination is truly phenomenal. No matter what setback he faces, he drags himself back onto the slopes. You will laugh, cry, cheer, and cringe alongside the characters as they take you through Eddie’s journey. This is definitely a must see inspirational movie. 


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