Florence Foster Jenkins

Based on the life of the woman herself, Florence Foster Jenkins is a must see. With Meryl Streep as the title character, the world of the 1940s wealthy music patrons is opened up for us.

Everyone has their calling and Florence has found hers; although, perhaps not quite in the way she expected. Her amazing enthusiasm and brilliant courage come forth in her love of music. Meryl Streep is truly commendable in her portrayal of this wonderfully eccentric woman.Staring alongside Streep is Simon Helberg, most widely known for his role as Howard in TVs Big Bang Theory. Helberg plays Cosme McMoon, a young concert pianist who is hired to accompany Jenkins in her performances.
As is expected of the wealthy class, the costumes and jewelry shown off are quite beautiful, adding to the glitz and glamour with which these patrons of the arts enjoyed surrounding themselves. From the prestigious Verdi Club, founded by Jenkins to the exciting parties attended by some of the younger, more rambunctious characters, it all paints a rather captivating picture.
Florence Foster Jenkins will take you through many highs and lows as you laugh and cry with these uniquely interesting people.


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