Me Before You

When a movie makes you laugh, cry, think, and you go back to watch it a second time, that’s a good sign.

Director Thea Sharrock brings the writing of Jojo Moyes to life in this screen adaptation of Moyes’ best selling novel, Me Before You.

The story is that of Lou Clark (Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke), a young woman trying to find work to help support her struggling family. After a couple of failed job applications, Lou finds work as a carer and companion to Will Traynor.

Will (Sam Claflin) was a successful young business man who couldn’t imagine his life being better, until, one day, and accident changes everything. Will is left a quadriplegic; an outcome he understandably struggles with.

Lou’s chattiness and outgoing choice in clothing style endears her to everyone she meets. She engages Will and his nurse Nathan (Stephen Peacocke) in sarcastic repartee consistently as she gets to know Will and subsequently, little by little, starts to cheer him up.

 The costume department for Lou must have had an absolute blast sourcing her clothes. She has no fear in her wardrobe choices, mixing colors, patterns, and textures to create some truly individual outfits. Her clothes also play an important role in setting the mood for much of the movie; becoming truly out-there or magnificently stunning when the mood is high and everything seems wonderful, or becoming a little more careless and simple when things begin to look bleak.

Fair warning. Although you will get a few good laughs, this movie is probably one to watch with tissues on hand. 


Central Intelligence

Badass is alive, and it wears a fanny-pack!

Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) has discovered that life after high school isn’t always as you might expect. From star athlete, student body president, and prom king, to middle aged accountant who feels like he’s hit a dead end.

Enter Bob Stone. Stone (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) has changed A LOT since high school. From Robbie Whierdicht, class dweeb with no friends and a whole herd of bullies on his tail, to shorts and fanny-pack wearing, unicorn loving, overly enthusiastic Agent Stone of the CIA.

When Stone drags Calvin into his latest case, the chaos begins.

In what is definitely a fun role for Johnson, we get an action packed flick with guns, cars, explosions, and some creatively used office supplies that make up a pretty boss fight scene.

Meanwhile, Calvin just wants out! Hart plays his role wonderfully as his character finds himself way out of his depth with no idea who he can trust.

Scattered thickly throughout the movie are so many pop culture references that there should be something that everyone understands. From celebrity gossip to movie references and so much more, it adds a fun layer into an already entertaining movie.

So check out Central Intelligence for a good laugh and be sure to wait for the credit scene before you leave.  


For most of us, the witching hour is a time to be fast asleep, tucked up in our beds. For Sophie, it’s the time when the adventure of a lifetime begins!

Director Steven Spielberg brings Roald Dahl’s BFG to life in this beautifully magical movie. Travel from an orphanage in the streets of London, to Giant Land and back again with Sophie as she learns all about giants (both the mean and nasty ones, and the Big Friendly one).

With scary giants, new friends, ucky snozzcumbers, drinks the bubble backwards, fascinating dreams and so much more, this is a very cute movie for anyone who has read the book or those who haven’t.

Now You See Me 2

Do you enjoy being able to trust your own eyes? If so, this probably isn’t the movie for you.

Now Your See Me 2 brings back the magic from its predecessor in a spectacular manner. With nearly non-stop, blink-and-you-miss-it action, the Horsemen take on their next mission.

Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, and Morgan Freeman’s original characters are joined this time by Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Capman. The major personality differences between these characters creates quite a fun chemistry on the screen.

As a whole, the best way I can think to describe this film would be like a jigsaw puzzle with no edge pieces. Each time you think you’re getting close to having the whole picture, you find more pieces and it changes the entire image.

Even though the story line is really just finely choreographed chaos (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing), the movie as a whole flows quite nicely. With the huge range of magic tricks and illusions that are pulled off, you should never look away!

It has to be acknowledged that this sequel has quite a lot to live up to; and while it may not surpass the original, it still holds its own. So check it out but be prepared to be on the edge of your seat.