Central Intelligence

Badass is alive, and it wears a fanny-pack!

Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) has discovered that life after high school isn’t always as you might expect. From star athlete, student body president, and prom king, to middle aged accountant who feels like he’s hit a dead end.

Enter Bob Stone. Stone (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) has changed A LOT since high school. From Robbie Whierdicht, class dweeb with no friends and a whole herd of bullies on his tail, to shorts and fanny-pack wearing, unicorn loving, overly enthusiastic Agent Stone of the CIA.

When Stone drags Calvin into his latest case, the chaos begins.

In what is definitely a fun role for Johnson, we get an action packed flick with guns, cars, explosions, and some creatively used office supplies that make up a pretty boss fight scene.

Meanwhile, Calvin just wants out! Hart plays his role wonderfully as his character finds himself way out of his depth with no idea who he can trust.

Scattered thickly throughout the movie are so many pop culture references that there should be something that everyone understands. From celebrity gossip to movie references and so much more, it adds a fun layer into an already entertaining movie.

So check out Central Intelligence for a good laugh and be sure to wait for the credit scene before you leave.  


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