Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

From start to finish, this movie is an absolute hot mess; and I laughed through every moment.Mike and Dave Strangle (Adam Devine and Zac Efron) are two brothers who just like to have a little fun. Unfortunately, their track record isn’t real great when they bring this fun to family gatherings, where it usually results in serious, although accidental, harm to people and property. When the time for their only younger sister to get married rolls around, Mike and Dave’s family give them an ultimatum. They must find nice, sensible dates to bring to the wedding to keep the boys out of trouble. And so, one craigslist ad later… 

The boys only expected a few replies to their ad. Instead, they are bombarded with hundreds as the ad goes viral. All different manner of ladies apply to b their dates for the wedding. Which just happens to include an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Who wouldn’t want that?

As you may expect, the women who respond to an ad on craigslist aren’t all exactly the type you’d want to bring home to mum and dad. Luckily(?) for the Strangle brothers, two particular girls have caught wind of their hunt, and decided to take matters into their own hands. Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) arrange to meet the Mike and Dave; without the boys realising they’ve been set up. A few drinks and some white lies later, the girls are on their way to Hawaii.

From there, the film continues to build in pressure. It just keeps going and going until, like a balloon, it can’t hold any more. The final bang is long anticipated, and yet still hilariously funny. But the film still isn’t over and there are still more giggles to be had. 

Throughout this picture, there are a few different forms of comedy, including some rather crude moments. Most of the time, though, they manage to build up, then still leave your imagination to fill in the rest.

The one thing I still can’t get over is that, although the writers and director have taken an artistic license, the main idea of the events is based on a true story! Mike and Dave are real guys who posted a real ad on craigslist to find real dates for a real wedding. 

I’ll admit, when I saw the trailer for Mike and Dave, I expected a few laughs, but certainly not as much as I got. This really is a comedy for the masses (over the age of 15. There are a few reasons why it’ rated MA15+). 


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