Bridget Jones’s Baby

Things have changed for Bridget Jones since we last saw her. But then again, much has stayed the same.

Still as cringe worthy as ever, Bridget (Renee Zellweger) stumbles her way through life. Her focus on being a single, career orientated woman is disrupted when she finds herself pregnant…. and unsure who the father might be. Bridget has to figure out how to break it to Mark (Colin Firth), her ex, and Jack (Patrick Dempsey), her holiday fling, that either of them could be the father.

With the almost constant flow of foot-in-mouth dialogue and awkward moments, most people are sure to have at least a cringing giggle at the movie.

The part-narration provided by way of Bridget’s diary entries are continued. Only now she’s entered the digital age! Seeing her tap away her thoughts onto an iPad is a cool little touch to show the passage of time since this saga first began in 2001.

Amongst the swirl of emotions, there are nonstop moments and questions that leave you unsure of who you hope the true father to be. It’s hard to see how this scenario can possibly have a happen ending for everyone involved.

I’m going to stop there, though. So if you want to find out if its Mark who’s destined to be with Bridget and bub, or if newcomer Jack is the thing Bridget has needed all these years, you’ll just have to check out the movie for yourself.


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