Secret Life of Pets

Every wondered what your pets get up to while you’re at work or school? Well now’s your chance to find out!

New York City is filled with so many different types of people; and just as many different types of pets. One such pet is Max, the little white and brown dog who lives with his loving owner. Max’s life is pretty good. At least is was. Enter Duke. This pound mutt wins the sympathy of Max’s owner and is brought home to live with them. As anyone with pets can probably tell you, the introduction of a new pet to a household doesn’t always go smoothly. Max and Duke are no exception. Adventure ensues when Max and Duke find themselves lost in the big scary city with no way home. Add some courageous friends and slightly manic bunny into the mix and you get a kids movie.

The film itself is visually attractive with bright colours and beautiful scenery. As far as storylines go, this one is quite cute, however it lacks a lot of the hidden jokes that often keep mum and dad entertained.

One of the this film’s best features has to be the soundtrack. The opening sequence to Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York is bound to out you in a good mood. Not to mention the varying music tastes of the animals themselves.

While it’s by no means going to be comedy of the year, the Secret Life of Pets is a cute, fun movie to spend a couple hours on with the littlies, or if you’re just looking for something easy to watch.


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