Spin Out

Image: Stella Rose Productions

My first thought upon watching this movie? I’m pretty sure I know these people!

Billy (Xavier Samuel), Sparrow (Travis Jeffery), Lucy (Morgan Griffin), and their friends are just your typical Australian country kids. Spin Out follows these characters as they gear up for another BnS (Bachelors and Spinsters) party. The BnS, as usual, is a legendary night full of good times with mates, loads of drink and laughter, a few nutty antics, and life decisions being made.

The overall storyline of finding, rescuing, and reaffirming love in its many shapes and forms is there, as seems to be a necessity for many movies. The shenanigans, slang, and competitiveness that are so stereotypically Australian also play a large part.

As far as the characters go, it’s nice to see that not everyone follows the basic outline for what many people think ‘country’ is. Mary, in particular, helps to shows that country doesn’t mean just one type of person.

Anyone who has spent time in a small country town can probably relate to at least some part of this story and its characters.


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