Image: Warner Animation Group

Storks used to deliver babies but, like the rest of the world, they’ve had to adapt to the changing times. Now they deliver for! One of the best delivery storks, and slated to be the next boss is Junior (Andy Samberg). He only has one thing to deal with first. Tulip.

Tulip (Katie Crown) was the last baby the storks were to deliver, but when her locator beacon was broken, they had no way of knowing where to delivery her. So she grew up among the storks. Unfortunately, as much as Tulip just wants to help, she causes more problem that she fixes. The last such problem being to promise delivery of a baby.

Now she and Junior must complete the delivery without anyone finding out.

The film itself is very cute in its animation with a few funny moments and some sideways comments about the online consumer market but not much else. Perhaps its most mentionable plot point is the reminder to spend time with your family while you can rather than putting it off for ‘another time’.

If something bright for the kids and easy for the adults to watch is what you’re after, this film will be a good choice.


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