Dynamo: Seeing is Believing

Image: Andrew Timms

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln. Creating a future of his choosing is exactly what one boy from Bradford did.

Sometimes, the smallest of gestures can move you to take the biggest leaps. For magician Dynamo, his small gesture came in the form of a green matchbox from his beloved grandfather. I won’t say much more on the matter for fear to ruining any surprises, but just know that I for one, am glad for that little match box.

In his live tour, Seeing is Believing, Dynamo proves just that. While I have enjoyed watching his television series, it by no means does justice to this man’s talent. In a world where so often we see so much bad, having just a little bit of magic is a great thing. Live on stage, over 15 years of dedicated work are brought together for our entertainment.

Dynamo proves that laughter and amazement are good for the soul, and that you can achieve anything with your life if you are willing to try hard enough. And perhaps the most important lesson this boy from Bradford has given us is to never stop. Learn what you want to learn; and when you have that down, learn something else.

“Man’s quest for knowledge drives us forward as a species. Every thought, every idea we have matters.” – Dynamo.


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