Red Dog: True Blue

Image: Screen Australia

Whether it be the beauty of the Australian outback, an adorable dog, or the story of a young boy and his best friend that draws you to this film, you won’t go away disappointed.

Director Kirv Stenders returns with Red Dog: True Blue, both part prequel and sequel his 2011 Red Dog that captured (and broke) so many hearts. Without spoiling too much, the prequel part of the tale tells the story of young Sydney boy, Mick (Levi Miller), whose mother sends him to live with his grandfather after the death of her husband. Michael’s grandfather (Bryan Brown) owns and runs the NAME cattle property. Living this rural and remotely is a challenge for Michael at first, but when a storm brings a little red pup, Blue (Phoenix), to his side, things start to change.

While the main story focus is on Blue and Michael, there’s an amazing cast of characters living their own lives on the cattle station around them. You have singing and guitar playing helicopter pilot Stemple (Thomas Cocquerel); farmhands Little John (Steve Le Marquand) and Big John (Syd Brisbane); sun-detesting cook, Jimmy Umbrella (Kee Chan); a jackaroo who tells Mick about the land their living on, Taylor (Calen Tassone); and the young teacher with a severe case of wanderlust, Betty (Hanna Mangan Lawrence).

If you have yet to see the original Red Dog, you definitely should. But in the meantime, don’t miss out on seeing True Blue in the theatre. Stunning shots of the Australian outback show how diverse our country is, and are made all the more grand when seen on the big screen. From huge stretches of red dirt, to calm, shady lagoons, the land itself is a varied as the people who live on it.


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