Image: Black Bear Pictures

2016 gave us some great based-on-true-event films, and 2017 looks set to continue that trend. Built loosely around the mining scandal that befell Bre-X in 1993, Gold brings adventure, crime, and suspense to the big screen once more.

Prospector Kenny Wells’ (Matthew McConaughey) business is just like his liquor, on the rocks. Having taken over his late father’s company, Wells has been unable to land a big contract and he grasps at his last available straw. Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez) is a geologist living in Indonesia. When Acosta is approached by Wells to find the gold the geologist was once so sure exists beneath the jungle, a little persuasion is required. Soon enough, they’re off, obtaining funding (though only enough to scrape through by the skin of their teeth), workers, and core samples; but they find nothing. Just as all hope seems lost, what should appear? Gold.

While that may sound like an interesting enough story of redemption on its own, its barely even the set up to the truly exciting tale. Ups and downs, a constant turn of events, leave the characters elated, exasperated, and exhausted, dragging the viewer along for the emotional ride.

The realness of the characters keeps you drawn in as they navigate the insane twists of this story. McConaughey and Ramirez’s portrayals are both high energy and multifaceted, changing as their characters grow.

The film itself is quite ‘Wolf of Wall Street’; however Gold is little less crude for anyone who didn’t find that appealing. The style of drama is very similar, and will likely be enjoyable to fans of the 2013 film.


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