Kelsey Berrington

Image: Kelsey Berrington Facebook

With a musician father and an actress mother, performing well and truly runs though Kelsey Berrington’s veins. Starting with the saxophone at the age of 5, Kelsey gave it a few years before deciding at 10, the guitar was what he wanted to play. By the time he turned 16, he had gone from playing the guitar to being “a singer/songwriter with a passion for music and entertaining as fiery as his red hair”.

Although still forming, Kelsey describes his style as folk, with some alternative rock and a “dash of pop”, allowing him to play with musical genres and flairs as he sees fit. When looking for something to listen to instead of playing his own songs, hip hop and folk music tend to be his go to.

Writing his own lyrics is a big part of this red-head’s repertoire. The satisfaction of getting emotions out and having people hear them makes an already great task feel even more rewarding.

While love of music is definitely a key attribute for any musician, so is a passion to perform. Having spent 8 years performing in a circus, Kelsey has had plenty of practice entertaining the public. Adrenaline is a “big yes” when asked what is best about being on stage. The risk associated with putting himself and his work up for all to see are also a huge part of why this Brisbanite does what he does. Standing up and having his thoughts heard through his own songs is a rush. Connecting with other musicians and audience members after a show, making his performances feel more personal puts the icing on the cake.

Often, you can find Kelsey performing in Brisbane venues and hired for private events. When his time is free, busking in the city provides an outlet to meet people, play his music, and make some money doing what he loves. Because isn’t that the end game?

While a trip through London to play is one of Kelsey’s favourite performances so far, he’s also looking to the future. With a journey through Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand being on the radar, he certainly won’t get bored. His dream venue to play however, is Riverstage, right here in Brisbane. Having seen some great performances at the venue already, Kelsey would love to one day leave his mark right there, in his home town.

In 2014, Kelsey release an EP called ‘The Little One’. Having his own songs recorded and being able to hold the CD and say “wow, that’s mine” was such a great feeling that he’s started his next project. Earlier this year, Berrington challenged himself to write a new song every couple of days. Two months on and he has 30 songs and counting. The end result will be an album of his own work. While there’s still many more steps before he gets to the finishing line, having the words on paper is a large part of that.

Not all the songs written will make it to the album, but keep your eye on Kelsey’s Facebook page for more information on his new creation.

For anyone considering trying their hand at song writing, Kelsey has some advice to offer. “Do it. Writing. Just keep writing even if you think it’s horrible. Eventually you’ll write something you think is amazing.” As for performing, putting yourself out there is his biggest recommendation. “That attitude and willingness gets you further than luck.”


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