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From the Blacktop to the Big Screen

When an accountant travelling an outback highway takes pity on a hitchhiker, it becomes quickly apparent that all is not as is seems. The journey this unlikely pair embark upon begins to reveal secrets and sinister motives in this independent Australian thriller.

With a crew of two and actors three, this small team, headed by director Joel Champ, put Blacktop Stranger into production. January and February of 2016 was spent writing the script and having Joel Rademaker complete the sound design before actors Mat Huff, Beau Jones, and Colin Dixon were called to hit the road for two weeks of filming. Continue reading



Image: Blinding Edge Pictures

With M. Night Shyamalan at the helm, Split promises great things before the opening credits even begin. Most of what the trailer used to suck you in has already come into play by the 20-minute mark of this film. From that point forward, nearly everything is new.

Three teenage girls are abducted by Kevin (James McAvoy), a man whose body plays host to 23 completely separate personalities. While most of these personalities are harmless, there are some who foretell the rise of something terrible.

Split offered the opportunity of a lifetime for any actor wanting to test their mettle; and James McAvoy certainly played the role to its fullest extent. While there are 23 personalities living inside Kevin, the main focus throughout the film is on three of them, Patricia, Hedwig, and Dennis. The complete and utter difference between these characters is astounding. For the most part, the clothes McAvoy wears in any given scene tell the viewer which personality is in charge, but wardrobe isn’t the only thing that changes. Each personality has distinct voices, speech patterns and body language. While actors often change all these things to suit a role, its unusually for an actor to have to switch between them in a single movie.

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