The House

Image Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

When a much needed scholarship falls through, Scott and Kate Johansen have to find a way to send their daughter to the college of her dreams. A trip to Las Vegas gives them the perfect idea.

The only logical choice, of course, is to open an illegal casino.

Bored wives and husbands from around their suburban neighbourhood soon get involved and ‘The House’ is a roaring success; they rake in the cash and draw in on their goal before things start to go wrong.

You’d think Will Farrell and Amy Poehler on screen together would result in non-stop laughter to the point tears. Unfortunately, ‘The House’ stops short of the mark.

With a lacklustre dialogue and a few attempts at physical humour, the movie falls fairly flat. Jeremy Renner does provide a change of pace eventually, but that comes in far too late in the piece to be a saving grace.

Die hard Farrell or Poehler fans might enjoy ‘The House’ but it’s not guaranteed.

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