Spider-Man: Homecoming

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel fans rejoice! We have another roaring success with the newest addition to the Cinematic Universe. Since his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, the newest reincarnation of New York City’s web slinger, played by Tom Holland, has captured the hearts of Marvel fans.

During the wall-crawler’s first stand-alone film, we see the clean-up of New York after the Avenger’s (2012) battle. Some entrepreneurial workers who are less than pleased when they have the post battle clean up contract taken from them. Luckily, they find other ways to make a profit from the battle. Add a little time jump (Civil War, 2016) and, of course, things have started to go bad; But Spidey is there to save the day.

Directed by Jon Watts, Homecoming is a Marvel fan’s dream, right from the start. I admit it took a few bars for me to realise what the opening tune was, but it made my face light up with nostalgia. The rest of the soundtrack has a nice blend of exciting and up beat pieces, perfect for a teenage superhero, and the intensity that a good Marvel movie with a strong villain deserves.

The fact the Peter is only a teenager is shown fantastically in his video diary entries, bringing together a young Spider-Man with the technology of 2017 and Stark industries. The way he talks, act, and gets incredibly excited is endearing.

Michael Keaton joins the Homecoming team as Vulture. As far as villains go, this one is good! Not just the basic ‘I want to rule/destroy the world’ type, Vulture has some depth to his character, and he has something to lose, making him much more dangerous.

Some of the fight scenes do seem a little reminiscent of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin. In saying that, there is more than enough variety in the action to give homage to movies past, and to create a new style to Peter Parker.

Spider-Man: Homecoming carries on the long run of Marvel successes without giving us ‘superhero fatigue’ and opens the door for new characters, new storylines, and new fans to join the Marvel family.

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