Disney owns my soul… and I’m not even mad

How do I know Disney owns my soul? The moment I woke up on November 19, I was opening Disney+ to set up my account.

As far as streaming services go, Disney+ is meeting my expectations in terms of price and content. The option to pay for a year upfront and save a few dollars is handy and, in my opinion, worthwhile.

Content-wise there is just too much to mention. I dived right back into Star Wars today because I’m marathoning as much as possible (movies and TV series) before Episode IX releases next month; the Mandalorian is high on my list (silly me promised to wait and watch it with a friend tomorrow so I’ll have to hold out a little longer).

There are also more Disney shows than you could poke a stick at. Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck have joined my watch list, the animated Hercules series I fondly remember form Saturday Disney mornings with my dad and sister, Disney Channel shows I never actually watched as a kid for some reason or other. The list goes on.

Disney and Pixar shorts, Steamboat Willie and other featurettes I used to have to find on Youtube are all in one place. I cannot wait to introduce my little sister to these!

Then there are the movies. I think those speak for themselves really.

I’m also very ready for a lazy Sunday when I can curl up in front of the telly and dive into some of the National Geographic docos that have their own space on Disney+.

My only gripes would be the lack of a ‘continue watching’ section and that there are no markers to let you know what episodes you’ve already watched. When I decided to take a break from my Clone Wars binge I thought I’d be able to come back, select the show and hit play to pick up on the episode I’d finished on. Apparently, that was not to be. It’s certainly not a deal-breaking feature but it is annoying having to flick through the episodes to remember where I was up to.

Hopefully, these might be things Disney will change with more feedback. I know I’m not the only person to write about the missing features.

If you’re not totally sure about this new streaming service, maybe hold out until you have a few free days over Christmas with the family and make use of the seven-day free trial. If you’re not sold after that just remember to cancel before the first billing date and you’re home free.

Now it’s time for me to dive back into this huge catalogue of movies and shows while I ignore the fourth promotional email Netflix has sent me today. I’m not saying goodbye to my other streaming services just yet (because Stranger Things and Daybreak exist) but it might be a week or two before I can drag my self away from this Disney hit.

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