Fangirl’s First Supanova

Image: Supanova Pop Culture Expo

With the 2017 Supanova circuit due to start soon, I thought it was the perfect time to revisit my first ‘Nova, just last year!

Brisbane Supanova 2016


Walking out of the humidity that is Brisbane today, I entered the Convention Centre to find Heaven on Earth.

All around me were people enjoying the best that the Geekdom has to offer. The swirl of colours that made up their cosplays; characters I know and love and more who I hope to someday meet. But if you weren’t in costume, that doesn’t matter either. We each found a way to let our fandom colours fly.

As I’m sitting outside to write this, I look to my left and spot an anime swordsman in his long coat. He’s surrounded by people in suits rushing home from their work for the week. It is truly amazing.

Sorry, back to the expo now.  With dozens of stalls, there was something catching my eye every few steps. Very soon I had my first bag with original prints (a set of bending scrolls from Avatar), and a pocket full of business cards. Alongside those came the flyers, advertising nerf battles, LARPing, and historical re-enactment groups.

Defending the Empire from the rebel scum were the 501st Redback Garrison. With his blaster aimed at me, a Stormtrooper had me stand for my wanted poster. I was then robbed of my hard earned credits to support their cause. Ok, so maybe they were talking spare change for charity, not a benevolent empower. Bad guys doing good.

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Hidden Oasis

The Laurels of Chinchilla

Country Queensland isn’t always someone’s first choice for a holiday destination, and Chinchilla is no exception. But if you’re willing to give it a go, this little town has a lot to offer; in particular, a secret gem perfect for the weary traveller. The Laurels of Chinchilla offer boutique creek-front accommodation, far away from the hustle and bustle of the normal tourist routes. From their home along the banks of Charlie’s Creek, the Laurels have basic rooms within the main house and stunning, stand-alone cottages throughout the property; there’s something to suit any need or taste.


At first glance, you’ll find beauty, serenity, and privacy. And that’s more than enough to guarantee an amazing getaway. But for those who look a little deeper, there is plenty under the surface. Owners Greg and Shara have poured their hearts and souls into this sanctuary. Everything from the decorative features, to the walls of the cottages themselves, have been hand-crafted by Greg. His use of recycled and found materials promises that each piece you look at is one of a kind, with its own story to tell. Shara, an interior designer by trade, has fashioned each of the rooms and cottages in individual styles, so each one has a life all its own.

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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Image: Warner Bros.

Lord of the Rings Tour with Nomad Safaris – Glenorchy

I’m going on an adventure! Much like Bilbo, I was at first hesitant about what I was to embark on. There were so many different tour choices from multiple different companies on offer around Queenstown that I wasn’t totally sure where to start or if it would even be worthwhile. But after stumbling across a Lord of the Rings store filled with more merchandise than I could possibly take home with me, I had my solution. The salesperson there recommended Nomad Safaris, the tour company attached to their business. So I tromped on down to their booking office and selected my tour for the next day.

Sitting in the lobby of my hotel, I could feel the excitement build as the black Jeep pulled up out front. My tour guide, Badger, was a wonderful conversationalist from the start, answering any questions I could think about Queenstown and the surrounding areas as we drove to collect the others who were to embark upon this quest with us.

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