Image: Blinding Edge Pictures

With M. Night Shyamalan at the helm, Split promises great things before the opening credits even begin. Most of what the trailer used to suck you in has already come into play by the 20-minute mark of this film. From that point forward, nearly everything is new.

Three teenage girls are abducted by Kevin (James McAvoy), a man whose body plays host to 23 completely separate personalities. While most of these personalities are harmless, there are some who foretell the rise of something terrible.

Split offered the opportunity of a lifetime for any actor wanting to test their mettle; and James McAvoy certainly played the role to its fullest extent. While there are 23 personalities living inside Kevin, the main focus throughout the film is on three of them, Patricia, Hedwig, and Dennis. The complete and utter difference between these characters is astounding. For the most part, the clothes McAvoy wears in any given scene tell the viewer which personality is in charge, but wardrobe isn’t the only thing that changes. Each personality has distinct voices, speech patterns and body language. While actors often change all these things to suit a role, its unusually for an actor to have to switch between them in a single movie.

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Fangirl’s First Supanova

Image: Supanova Pop Culture Expo

With the 2017 Supanova circuit due to start soon, I thought it was the perfect time to revisit my first ‘Nova, just last year!

Brisbane Supanova 2016


Walking out of the humidity that is Brisbane today, I entered the Convention Centre to find Heaven on Earth.

All around me were people enjoying the best that the Geekdom has to offer. The swirl of colours that made up their cosplays; characters I know and love and more who I hope to someday meet. But if you weren’t in costume, that doesn’t matter either. We each found a way to let our fandom colours fly.

As I’m sitting outside to write this, I look to my left and spot an anime swordsman in his long coat. He’s surrounded by people in suits rushing home from their work for the week. It is truly amazing.

Sorry, back to the expo now.  With dozens of stalls, there was something catching my eye every few steps. Very soon I had my first bag with original prints (a set of bending scrolls from Avatar), and a pocket full of business cards. Alongside those came the flyers, advertising nerf battles, LARPing, and historical re-enactment groups.

Defending the Empire from the rebel scum were the 501st Redback Garrison. With his blaster aimed at me, a Stormtrooper had me stand for my wanted poster. I was then robbed of my hard earned credits to support their cause. Ok, so maybe they were talking spare change for charity, not a benevolent empower. Bad guys doing good.

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Kelsey Berrington

Image: Kelsey Berrington Facebook

With a musician father and an actress mother, performing well and truly runs though Kelsey Berrington’s veins. Starting with the saxophone at the age of 5, Kelsey gave it a few years before deciding at 10, the guitar was what he wanted to play. By the time he turned 16, he had gone from playing the guitar to being “a singer/songwriter with a passion for music and entertaining as fiery as his red hair”.

Although still forming, Kelsey describes his style as folk, with some alternative rock and a “dash of pop”, allowing him to play with musical genres and flairs as he sees fit. When looking for something to listen to instead of playing his own songs, hip hop and folk music tend to be his go to.

Writing his own lyrics is a big part of this red-head’s repertoire. The satisfaction of getting emotions out and having people hear them makes an already great task feel even more rewarding.

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Image: Black Bear Pictures

2016 gave us some great based-on-true-event films, and 2017 looks set to continue that trend. Built loosely around the mining scandal that befell Bre-X in 1993, Gold brings adventure, crime, and suspense to the big screen once more.

Prospector Kenny Wells’ (Matthew McConaughey) business is just like his liquor, on the rocks. Having taken over his late father’s company, Wells has been unable to land a big contract and he grasps at his last available straw. Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez) is a geologist living in Indonesia. When Acosta is approached by Wells to find the gold the geologist was once so sure exists beneath the jungle, a little persuasion is required. Soon enough, they’re off, obtaining funding (though only enough to scrape through by the skin of their teeth), workers, and core samples; but they find nothing. Just as all hope seems lost, what should appear? Gold.

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La La Land

Image: Summit Entertainment

Winner of seven Golden Globes, nominated for fourteen Oscars, and with numerous other award nominations and wins under its belt, La La Land breathes new life into the art of cinema.

Mia (Emma Stone) is an aspiring actress, drawn to Hollywood by her dream to be on the screen. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a pianist with a love for the classic jazz music of Hollywood in its heyday. They find themselves coming together, despite the different circles their lives are in. After a half-hearted effort to not get involved, their lives intertwine to create an old-fashioned love story for the 21st century.

Costumes, music, sets, acting, the whole nine yards of this film are unbelievable. They blend together so perfectly, while still allowing each individual feature to take its time at centre stage.

With an Oscar nomination for Best Achievement in Costume Design you can expect something special. Seemingly old fashioned styles with ladies in bright dresses and gentlemen in suits and wingtips, make you feel like you’ve been pulled back in time. The occasional smartphone being used and the models of the cars are the only real indicators that this is 2016.

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Image: Paramount Pictures

Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is back, and he’s just as hook on adrenaline as ever. The extreme sports junkie is called in to once again save the world as part of Augustus Gibbons’ (Samuel L. Jackson) xXx program.

As far as action movies go, xXx: Return of Xander Cage is everything people love, without brining anything new to the table. Stunts, explosions, girls in bikinis, and guys with no shirts. It’s all well and good, and if action movies like this are your thing then, by all means, check it out. In all, it’s very reminiscent of late 90s, early 00s action flicks with big explosions and little subtlety.

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Hidden Oasis

The Laurels of Chinchilla

Country Queensland isn’t always someone’s first choice for a holiday destination, and Chinchilla is no exception. But if you’re willing to give it a go, this little town has a lot to offer; in particular, a secret gem perfect for the weary traveller. The Laurels of Chinchilla offer boutique creek-front accommodation, far away from the hustle and bustle of the normal tourist routes. From their home along the banks of Charlie’s Creek, the Laurels have basic rooms within the main house and stunning, stand-alone cottages throughout the property; there’s something to suit any need or taste.


At first glance, you’ll find beauty, serenity, and privacy. And that’s more than enough to guarantee an amazing getaway. But for those who look a little deeper, there is plenty under the surface. Owners Greg and Shara have poured their hearts and souls into this sanctuary. Everything from the decorative features, to the walls of the cottages themselves, have been hand-crafted by Greg. His use of recycled and found materials promises that each piece you look at is one of a kind, with its own story to tell. Shara, an interior designer by trade, has fashioned each of the rooms and cottages in individual styles, so each one has a life all its own.

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Image: Illumination

While he may not be the best businessman, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) has the spirit of a showman; and anyone who is serious about showbiz knows one key thing. The show must go on! In an attempt to save his beloved theatre, Moon decides to host a singing contest. Que all animals great and small! From a tiny snail to a giraffe whose head in in the rafters, there are auditions of all kinds, their acts and varied as their species.

In the end, the line-up includes Gunter (Nick Kroll) and Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), two pigs with very different styles, Mike (Seth MacFarlane), a little mouse with big opinions of himself, Ash (Scarlett Johansson), the rock and roll porcupine, chronically shy elephant, Meena (Tori Kelly), and Johnny (Taron Egerton) the gorilla, wanting to find something more than the family business. Continue reading

Red Dog: True Blue

Image: Screen Australia

Whether it be the beauty of the Australian outback, an adorable dog, or the story of a young boy and his best friend that draws you to this film, you won’t go away disappointed.

Director Kirv Stenders returns with Red Dog: True Blue, both part prequel and sequel his 2011 Red Dog that captured (and broke) so many hearts. Without spoiling too much, the prequel part of the tale tells the story of young Sydney boy, Mick (Levi Miller), whose mother sends him to live with his grandfather after the death of her husband. Michael’s grandfather (Bryan Brown) owns and runs the NAME cattle property. Living this rural and remotely is a challenge for Michael at first, but when a storm brings a little red pup, Blue (Phoenix), to his side, things start to change.

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